Medieval Banner Making Tewkesbury

Medieval Banner Making Tewkesbury
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Tewkesbury Kings Edward IV Banner 1471 Tewkesbury is famous for it's 100's of Medieval Flags often called Medieval Banners, which adorn the buildings in the Town during the summer months. The Flags go back to the Wars of the Roses period which includes the 1471 Battle of Tewkesbury.
During medieval times, flags were important for identifying sections of armies and leaders on the battle field for comunications and to enable commanders to undrestand the progress of battle from a distance. Kings Edward IV Banner in 1471 is shown left.
Tewkesbury Battle Field Society organises the production and display of Medieval Flags which brighten the streets of Tewkesbury Town. Each Banner is based on the Coat of Arms of a person who was involved in the Battle.
Annual 2 Day Banner Making Event
Tewkesbury Medieval Banner Making In May each year the Town's People and Traders attend the Banner Making Event (open to visitors), to choose the flags to display on their buildings in return for a small contribution for maintenance, errection and the volunteer Battle Field Societies wider work.
Visitors are most welcome to see Medieval Banners being made, ask questions and discover the heritage Tewkesbury is famous for.
During the winter months Banners are refurbished and new ones created by a team of volunteers. Most are made from cotton 'duck' and then hand-painted using modern acrylic paints to keep them affordable. A few are made by professional flag makers for those happy to invest in them, such as those seen on 'The Berkeley Arms' (Church Street).
Car Parking is available on street (1 hour) and a short walk away, please look for car park signs near the Town Hall or click the button above to view the Location Map.
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